Wow – 5 years ago was when that picture on the left was taken! I don’t even recognize that woman anymore! I was exhausted from depriving myself the nutrients I needed and worrying daily about everything I consumed! This is why August is such a big deal for me – this is when I finally asked for help with my Eating Disorder!!
Now – see that girl on the right – that’s ME!! I am happy, healthy and loving life! I workout (from home and get amazing results), eat clean 80% of the time but enjoy things I like (pizza, chipotle, wine) the other 20%!
All these things – you can have to! So, why not join me in my next Challenge Group – August 28th called Body Love Bootcamp
I understand being skeptical of what your results would be, spending the money, worried about time, etc. I have been there and am here to tell you the difference this time is that you have ME.
What does that mean??
You have the person that WILL NOT ALLOW YOU to give up on YOURSELF
You have a sister who will light a fire under you when you just aren’t feeling it.
You have someone who will speak the truth into your life about WHO YOU ARE: that you are WORTHY & DESERVING of looking and feeling your best.
You have someone who can teach you HOW to change your habits for good.
You have a group of other people who will support and encourage you to take time for yourself.
Ok.. so here comes the tough love part. In life, you can have RESULTS, or the story you keep telling yourself about WHY you can’t have what you want. YOU CAN & I will show you HOW!
INSTEAD of opening up spots for my next Body Love Bootcamp, I am doubling it to 2️⃣0️⃣ new challengers. I am ready to take it to the next level and change lives from the inside out!
Yes, you will have a better body at the end of the challenge. But, you will also have increased confidence, a mindset shift, and a stronger sense of who you are and what you are capable of.
So, if you want to apply, comment below with “yes” and I will send you a form to complete and provide a custom Fitness and Nutrition plan.
Now’s the time, Let’s chat!

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