Yes, I was able to fire BOTH of my boss’s. Yes, I feel cool. But I NEVER take ANY day for granted. Every SINGLE day, I think about what I’d be doing THEN, and what I GET to do NOW. Like today.. it’s a Wednesday. On Wednesday’s, I used to get up, RUSH outta the house, take an adderrall on the WAY to the salon (so I wouldn’t be so “quiet”), and make my way to Dunkin Donuts for my everyday latte and breakfast sandwich. When I GOT to work, I had to “play receptionist” for the first hour (for free). Honestly, NOT getting paid was FINE, whatever. But I’m not a receptionist and you have NO idea how UNCOMFORTABLE it made me feel. THEN.. when my clients started coming in, I’d get even WORSE anxiety bc I’m a perfectionist and wanted EVERYONE to be happy. I just couldn’t WAIT to be home. The worst — MOST days, I COULDN’T. I had to go STRAIGHT to work behind the bar til 3am. I can keep going with ALLDA shitty feels, but you get it. Today, I’m free. I got up on my OWN time, read, meditated, worked out, FaceTimed a few of my FAVORITE people, helped 3 girls start THEIR health/fitness journey, and as SOON as Patrick got home, I STOPPED. Because THATS why I do this
I’m FOREVER GRATEFUL for this Coaching opportunity. It’s truly a GIFT. Some people throw it in the trash, and some people RUN with it. I ran, and I’m not stopping ✌
*You tryna run WITH, or nah‍♀️‍♀️ #oppurtunityAF

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